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Oak Park Unified School District is making dramatic improvements using innovative methods. Making use of shipping container technology, first debuted with a significant and sustainable classroom addition at Oak Park High School.  New indoor/outdoor classroom clusters are being added District-Wide. Measure S funding is being used to add more of these classrooms at all of our schools.

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Each classroom is made up of three (3) containers which are placed strategically on the campus in order for the adjacent space to be used as an outdoor learning space or play area. Sliding glass doors allow the footprint of the classroom to extend past the 4 walls and inspire teaching outdoors for additional learning space.  Equipped with a variety of outdoor seating and table arrangements, shade structures and trees, the additional space will the learning environment and enrich the possibilities for project-based learning and discovery.

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Planned Projects for Oak Hills Elementary School and Red Oak Elementary School
The planning and design of projects of equal educational significance are under way at Oak Hills and Red Oak Elementary Schools.  Making use of similar shipping container technology that will be implemented at Medea Creek Middle School and Brookside Elementary School.  Oak Hills and Red Oak Elementary Schools will ultimately add new classroom clusters grouped around outdoor learning spaces.  The design will provide an enhanced experience to build on project based learning and sustainable principles.  The planning and designs are currently being discussed and reviewed by all stakeholders to ensure the best placement on each of these campuses.

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