Additional Funding Sources

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Oak Park Unified School District staff researches funding avenues to augment our financial resources. State Modernization grants, Proposition 39 and utility rebate programs are among the funds identified and used to supplement Measure R Bond monies.

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California State Modernization Program


sealYou may have noticed more projects and improvements at Brookside and Oak Park High School. These facilities were more than 25 years old which qualified them for California State Modernization funding. At Brookside we received $1.8 million and $2.7 million at Oak Park High School allowing us to do 15 % more projects than the Measure R Bond alone.

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Proposition 39



Proposition 39 incentive program encouraged us to add more energy-saving measures to our already planned renovations which allowed us to undertake more comprehensive, longer-lived projects that will continue saving energy into the future such as:

  • Energy efficiency retrofits 

  • Renewable energy installations

  • Staff Training

  • Energy Management, including Conservation and Energy Education 

Proposition 39 funds added further energy-saving measures for Measure R projects, but did not duplicate modernization grants.

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Local Utility Rebates

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Local utilities provided energy efficient interior lighting, waterless urinals, water brooms, EV charging stations, battery back-up systems and energy audits at no charge for all campuses. These programs reduce our energy and water consumption which in turn reduces our monthly utility bills.

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Collaboration and Partnerships

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Agoura Youth Basketball Association



UntitledAgoura Youth Basketball Association (AYBA) and Oak Park High School opened “The Cage at Oak Park“ in 2003, a $25,500 state-of-the-art outdoor basketball facility built by AYBA in partnership with the high school. In 2010 AYBA resurfaced the basketball courts and provided safety pads around the back-stop poles.

AYBA has exclusive usage rights on evenings and weekends and during the late afternoons when the league’s winter and summer seasons are underway. Oak Park High School uses the facility during the week while school is in session.

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Real So Cal Soccer Club



UntitledReal So Cal/West Valley Soccer League paid to cover the Oak Park High School football field in artificial turf. The initial $735,000 cost of the project, included materials and installation. In return, the soccer league gets to use the field for weekly practices and weekend matches.

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American Youth Soccer Organization



AYSO FIELDAYSO REGION 4 has worked in partnership with Oak Park Unified School District maintaining Brookside Elementary School playfield providing repairs, seeding and aeration to improve the soccer fields. This team effort benefits the local community and neighborhood.

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Wags Softball



UntitledOak Park Unified School District and the Westlake Agoura Girls Softball Association (WAGS) have a long­ standing relationship.

Recently, WAGS paid for a five-foot homerun fence with black mesh at Oak View High School Campus with Oak View High School, Oak Park Independent School and WAGS logos and yellow casing on top. WAGS paid $20,000 towards the cost of the fence with any monies remaining after payment for the fence allocated to the District.

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Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District



UntitledOak Park Unified School District and Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District have a long­ standing ”joint use agreement” allowing each agency to use the facilities of the other, at no charge when they are available. Specific provisions govern the use of the high school tennis courts, sharing maintenance and improvement efforts and costs. Recently Rancho Simi Rec and Park District paid half of the approximately $60,000 towards the resurfacing of the tennis courts.

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