Superintendent Anthony W. Knight, Ed.D.

In 2008, the community of Oak Park passed Measure R.  This $29.5 million bond measure was designed to begin the modernization work at our schools. Measure R was aptly named because the focus of the measure was on Repairs, Remodeling, and Restoration.  Our oldest schools, Brookside Elementary School and Oak Park High School have been modernized under the plan and the District received over $5 million in state matching funds toward those projects.  All of the schools have all been painted, the oldest roofs have been replaced, heating and air conditioning systems have been replaced and upgraded with more efficient models, parking lots and playgrounds have been restored, and there have been major upgrades to plumbing and electrical systems.

We invite you to explore this website to have a look at all of the projects.  We feel that we were able to accomplish much more than was originally projected due to careful management and oversight, lower than expected construction costs due to the recession, and lower interest rates on the bonds that have been issued.  This has saved the local taxpayers money and allowed the school district to accomplish more work.

When we passed Measure R in 2008, we had outlined a much greater level of need and many projects are still awaiting attention in the coming years.  However, we celebrate what we have accomplished and invite you to look deeper at the accomplishments.

Finally, THANK YOU, to the Oak Park residents for your support of Measure R.  We have much to be proud of in Oak Park Schools and ensuring we maintain truly world-class facilities for our students to learn is a high priority.

Anthony W. Knight, Ed.D.